My Mother-In-Law – Part 2

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“Do you like my legs, Jonny?” she asked.

“They’re lovely,” I responded.

“Hmmm! Would you like to touch them? To run your hands up to them?”

I ought to resist, but the sight and nearness were proving too tempting. I reached out and slipped a hand on her knee. Sensing the soft feel of the nylon beneath my palm, I started to slide my hand along her thigh.

“Mmmm! That feels good, Jonny,” she almost purred.

I was stirring below once more and realized that events were starting to overtake. Now, unable to resist, I allowed my hand to slip beneath the tight fit of the dresses hem where my fingers quickly identified that she was indeed wearing stockings.

“Stockings,” I almost gasped. “You’re wearing stockings.”

She recognized my excitement instantly. “Hold-ups,” she replied. “Only the best for you.”

The feel of the nylon stockings sent my excitement off the scale, enough to push me over the edge and I knew I was now so far gone, I would no longer be able to control myself.

I reached out and slowly began edging the hem of her dress upward. Within seconds her stocking tops came into full view. I issued a quiet groan before pushing my hands a few inches higher where I immediately saw she wore nothing beneath her dress. Her pink and completely hairless pussy came into view. Another quiet groan emitted from my lips.

“Oh, Shit! Shaven too!” I uttered, and reaching around her, I grabbed both buttocks and pulled her towards me. My fingers dug firmly into her rump as I leant forward, burying my head between her thighs. My tongue flicked to and fro over her swollen clit.

Joana immediately reached down and, gripping the back of my head, started to grind herself against my face.

“Oh yes, yes!” she grunted. “Deeper, harder!” she urged.

I drew in her scent, tasted the lips of her pussy. If asked, I would never have been able to recall the number of times I’d fantasized over this woman. Now here she was, legs open, her hands on my head urging me on to see to her shaven pussy.

 I pushed firmly against her, my tongue probing, licking and snaking in and out of her sex. My hands started to slide from her rump, down her legs then back up to her rump, delighting in the difference in textures of soft wool, then flesh, then nylon.

“Ohhh Yes! That’s it, Jonny, eat my pussy, suck my lips. Show me how good you really are.”

I pushed harder, probed deeper, and in turn, her grinding started to gather pace.

“Ooooh, I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming,” she cried, her breath coming in short, sharp, ragged bursts.

I forced my tongue further and deeper into her cunt until all at once she cried out in ecstasy, her body physically shuddered against my face. I could feel her juices spilling out onto my lips and tongue.

I pulled away, hot and flushed as Joana sank down to her knees.

“That was lovely Jonny,” she cooed. “You’ve no regrets, have you?”

I smiled at her and pushed a hand onto her breasts.

“None at all. In fact, I’m only sorry we haven’t done this before.”

She grinned. “Good! Because now I’m looking forward to seeing what else you can do for me.”

“Hmmm! What did you have in mind?” It was my turn to tease now.

She slid her hand onto my crotch, where she felt the swollen outline of my cock.

“This for one!” she replied. “I want to know how good it is.”

“Oh, it’s good, alright. At least……… your daughter never complains.”

“But I’m not Faith though, am I?” she remarked. “Besides, my expectations are considerably higher than hers.” She paused and reaching forward, started to undo my trousers. She slipped them down off my hips then eased her hand inside my briefs to take hold of the erection, and that was being held in check. I groaned quietly as her thumb began roaming back and forth over my helmet. She looked up into my eyes.

“How many times have you wondered about fucking me Jonny?”

I raised my eyebrows as once again, my Mother-in-laws forthright manner took me by surprise. My lips formed a smile.

“I’ve lost count,” I answered.

“Well, I’ve wanted you for a long time, Jonny. I think of how greedy my daughter has been keeping you all to herself.”

“I’m married to her Joana. Isn’t that the way it should be?”

Again Joana’s grin broadened to a full smile. “Hmmm! Yes! But there’s something you should know about your wife’s mother, Jonny.”

“Oh! And what’s that?” I asked, intrigued.

“When she wants something bad enough, she invariably gets what she wants!”

Joana’s fingers squeezed more firmly around my shaft. “And what I want right now is to be fucked!”

“You sure as hell don’t mince your words, do you, Joana?”

She laughed. “Life’s too short Jonny. Why waste time talking when we could be fucking?”

I groaned as I tried to figure out how things had moved along so fast. Not that I minded in the least. As far as I was concerned, this was my biggest fantasy about to come home.

Joana began drawing her hand slowly up and down my rigid shaft, stroking her thumb over my knob each time her hand reached my ridge.

“Now! I have to tell you, Jonny. I like to be fucked slow but hard. No messing, that when we’ve finished, I will know I’ve been well and truly fucked.”

“You like to talk dirty too, don’t you?” I asked, my cock now fully hard.

“That’s because I don’t want to make love to you Jonny. I want to fuck you!

It’s responding to the basic ‘animal’ that’s in us all Jonny. Stags Rut!” Joana almost hissed. “Animals copulate in order to reproduce. Well, my reproduction days are long gone, but my rutting days are very much alive!”

Joana leaned back on her haunches giving my cock yet another firm squeeze.

“So what do you say, Jonny? Do you fancy rutting with this horny little doe?”

For a moment I didn’t know how to reply. It was bad enough just the sight of her was arousing me so much, but the way she spoke about sex turned me on like never before. Her squeezing me cock once more snapped me from my thoughts.

“Oh God! I’ll rut with this little doe anytime she wants!”

“So tell me, Jonny, how is my young Stag going to rut with me? What are you going to do with this gorgeous cock of yours?”

“I’m going to ram it up to your cunt, you horny little doe. I’m going to ram it so far up that you’ll think I’m splitting you in two.”

“Oh yes you cocky bastard, that’s what I like to hear but is it all mouth or can you deliver?”

“Just wait and see,” I replied. With that, I pushed her backward onto the floor, opened her legs wide and gripping her thighs, moved forward until the head of my cock brushed against her cunt. He took a firm hold of my shaft and began rubbing my knob back and forth along her slick, cunt lips.

“Is your cunt ready for this you little bitch?” I snarled.

“I’ve taken better than this Motherfucker!” she cried, goading me on.

“Yeah! And I bet you get plenty!” I said, trying to rile her still more.

“What, you’re saying, that I spread my legs for anyone?”

“That’s right, I reckon about anyone who cares to ask.”

“Yeah, well I’m sure that just about anyone would do a better job than you.” She laughed.

It was too much for me, I positioned my helmet at the opening to her cunt. “Shut it bitch and take this,” I said as I thrust forward from the hips sinking my cock in three inches. I withdrew and thrust again, even harder this time. Joana’s fingertips clawed at the carpet as she cried out loud, savoring the sudden impact.

“Go on you Bastard Fuck me! Fuck it right up to me! Give me all you’ve Fucking got,” she cried.

Egged on, I responded. I started to thrust, hard and deep and slow. Each time burying deeper and deeper, each thrust causing Joana to cry out in a mix of both pain and ecstasy as my cock hit the mark.

Within seconds Joana’s cunt had opened enough to accept my full size. Our bodies began to rock up and down, each forward movement being met by the sound of flesh slapping flesh.

Looking down at her delicious body, I felt this sudden desire to kiss my mother in law. I tipped forward, still with my cock embedded inside her cunt, and pressed my lips hard over hers. Joana reacted, throwing her arms around my body, holding me tight as our lips began our frenzied attack.

We kissed and sucked and licked and teased one another, our passion increasing, our moans and groans now filling the room. Moments later, I rolled over onto my back, taking Joana with me, so now it was she who was on top.

Our passion continued, Joana holding onto the sides of my face as she reigned kisses, I pulled her close.

Suddenly Joana pulled free of my lips and sat back on her knees. She could feel my hard rock shaft driving deep, but now on top, she wanted to take full control. She pressed both hands onto my chest and started to lift herself up and down, each sinking further and further down my thick cock.

I lay there, looking up at my sexy Mother-in-law, delighting in the sight of her ample breasts as they bounced up and down beneath the soft fabric of her dress. They reminded me of waves, undulating beneath a watery surface. I reached out and cupped each breast. I groaned at the sensation. It was like holding onto a shaped liquid.

“That’s it, baby! Hold onto my tits while I ride you, Jonny! Ohhh, God! I want you all Jonny! I want every inch of this cock filling my cunt!

Just then Joana let out an animal like mewl. She tipped forward, moving her hands off my chest and onto the floor as her body started to move quickly, violently, her breath no more than short sharp grunts as her pussy now jerked up and down my cock.

“Ohhh God I’m so close Jonny! So so close! Make me cum, baby! Rut with your little doe and make her cum!”

I reached up and grabbed at both rounded breasts, pinching and squeezing at each nipple, causing Joana to cry out.

“That’s it, Joana! Cum for me! Let me feel your cunt empty on my cock!”

These last few words tipped Joana over the edge. Her eyes rolled back inside their sockets, her body stiffened, her pussy started to spasm, her mouth opened wide where seconds later Joana howled like a dog, I instantly felt the warmth of her juices spilling out all down my cock.

Moments later, Joana sagged forward onto my chest, her body quivering from the effects of her climax. She moaned softly into my ear as if to confirm she was sated.

“Ohh, Christ Jonny! That was heaven!”

I though had not finished with her yet. For as limp as her body felt slumped against mine, my cock was as hard, buried inside her cunt. I’d come this far and was determined I was going to fill Joana’s cunt full of my punk before she left.

Holding tight onto her body, I used my strength to roll her over onto her back. It was not what she’d expected, and as they rolled, she felt the full force of my still rigid cock pressing into her.

“Oh God Jonny! No more!” she cried.

I was having none of it. Slipping my hands under her thighs, I quickly lifted her legs up and over her own body until her knees were almost touching her chest. I immediately started to thrust, sawing my cock back and forth, in and out of her now sloppy cunt.

“Noooooo!” Joana cried out.

Taking no notice, I ploughed home again, and again……and again…

“Noooo! Noo! Ohhhh Fuck Yes!” Joana screamed as a second climax fast approached.

I pressed down, my body pinning her legs high up over hers, my movement rhythmical, our bodies now in perfect tune.


Joana tried to lift up and take hold of my body as her second climax ripped through her own, every nerve ending alive…electric….tingling but I was pummeling her now, it was as if I was trying to use my cock to spear her to the floor.

I grunt…I felt my body stiffen, then with a triumphant howl ringing in my ears I felt my cock explode inside her cunt.

I could feel my cock jerking inside her as her cunt gripped tight on my cock. I could feel my cum jetting hard into the deep recesses of her womb.

I felt my body soften, I slumped down, fulfilled….it was over…

We lay there for some time without a word or a move. When we did, it was only to roll to one side while we shared one another’s lips once more.

Our kisses were lighter, mere pecks compared to before but right then, both Joana and I knew, this wet and rainy night had changed us all.

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