NYS Recruits Caught on Camera Looting

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In the video that surfaced online on the morning of Tuesday, May 19, the said initiates are seen endeavoring to break in through one of the store’s windows.

The episode occurred at the NYS Center behind Mathare North Area-4.

The suspects allegedly carried off boots and regalia from the store of the organization

One of the enlisted people, wearing authority NYS uniform, is seen moving toward a window made sure about by distending metal bars before moving around to another window.

Inevitably, the four-minute clasp shows another enroll leaping out of another window with uniform close by and doesn’t appear to be in a rush to go leave.

The plundering binge occurred with no attempt at being subtle against a quiet foundation, put something aside for some development sounds that implied that exercises at the office had been running ordinarily.

The National Youth Service has been at the center of attention for all an inappropriate reasons including the loss of billions of shillings just as sporadic recruiting rehearses.


The administration has recorded two separate records of debasement embarrassments, through which cash was lost in unexplained conditions, the first adding up to more than Ksh790 million out of 2017 and the second, in 2018, with reports saying that some Ksh10 billion citizens cash may have evaporated through meager air.

A few suspects, the Ngirita’s being the face, are still under scrutiny in the wake of being blamed for acquiring millions in the wake of providing flawed items.

These two robberies provoked Parliament, in 2018, to pass the NYS bill 2018 trying to stop uncontrolled robbery at the organization.

“We are building up a board which has never been in presence to make a more grounded NYS that will convey on its command just as guarantee improved administration structure as far as its funds,” expressed Public Service CS Margaret Kobia at that point.

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