US private value firm assumes control over activities at Nairobi Women’s Hospital

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An American private value subsidize, Evercare, has assumed control over the tasks at the Nairobi Women’s Hospital after its CEO moved to one side.

In an announcement by the medical clinic’s board on Monday, a working advisory group involved three agents from Evercare Health Fund will currently run activities.

The emergency clinic’s CEO Dr Felix Wanjala moved to one side after allegations of money related unfortunate behavior and untrustworthy works on following claims he was pushing staff to expand patients’ affirmations.

“In the meantime, the authority of Nairobi Women’s Hospital will be attempted by an Operating Committee answering to the Board. This board of trustees is contained three Evercare agents,” the announcement read, without naming the authorities.

The emergency clinic shot to the spotlight as of late for blowing up charges, a move that saw every therapeutic safety net provider suspend the office from the rundown of certify specialist organizations.

The allegations additionally observed the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) suspended the emergency clinic from rundown of specialist co-ops and exhorted staff to visit different offices.

The emergency clinic board said it is directing an inward audit while the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Council said they would do a free examination on the issue.

Evercare, which finances social insurance in Africa and South Asia, has likewise made a few interests in medical clinics in the nation, for example, Avenue Group, Healthlink the board, and Metropolitan Hospital.

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